Company Introduction

About Us

Founded in 1951, Far Eastern Booksellers (Kyokuto Shoten Ltd) is an independent academic bookseller with a strong focus on the social sciences fields.

Our mission: To contribute to the advancement of the Social Sciences & Humanities in Japan through the import and sales of academic resources.

We have been proudly serving the academic market in Japan for more than seven decades. Starting from the importer of academic monographs and periodicals, we are now supplying a wide range of academic resources.

True to our original mission, we are always happy to help Japanese academics & librarians. Our monthly book news bulletin, which had been a reliable source of newly-published foreign academic titles information in the past is now available on the internet (Kyokuto Shoten News ONLINE) with added e-commerce function. If our customer look out eBook for institutions, our KPESS (eBook information search engine) will provide them necessary information for ordering.

In addition, there is a special discount scheme (and more) for budding researchers & postgraduates called NOSK.

Our sales teams in Tokyo, Kansai & Fukuoka offices are visiting campuses and meeting with librarians, faculty, and staff every day, listening to their voices and catering to their various needs.

We will strive to fulfill our mission (contribution to the advancement of the Social Sciences & Humanities in Japan) by assisting and catering for researchers & scholars in need for academic resources.

Ametani Yoshinori, President

Our Service

We have been publishing "Kyokuto Shoten News", a reliable source of newly-published foreign academic titles in the social sciences and humanities, for nearly 70 years. Now it is published on the Internet as "Kyokuto Shoten News ONLINE", and still providing new book information to researchers and librarians all over Japan.

We also provide "KPESS", which stands for Kyokuto Shoten Publisher’s eBook Searching System, to our customers who look out eBooks for institution. KPESS is an one-stop webpage which allows you to search, request a quotation, and order various publishers' eBooks.

In addition, we support research activities of budding researchers and postgraduates through "NOSK" (New Organization for Students and Kyokuto Shoten) service. They are entitled to our special offers, such as a special discount scheme & individualised reading lists and so forth.

Category of Products

eBooks & Textbooks / Print Books / Digital Archive / Online Database & Newspapers / Antiquarian & Rare Books

Original Products: FEMA Online Archive & Yamaichi Securities Archive


Main Office

location 〒101-8672
Teito Misakicho Building, 2-7-10 Kanda Misakicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
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location 〒600-8357
Gojo Horikawa Building 6F, 579 Kakimotocho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto
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Koenoki Building, 1-3-14 Maizuru, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City
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