イングランドにおける結婚する男性 1918~60年
Men Getting Married in England, 1918-60: Consent, Celebration, Consummation.

・ISBN 978-3-031-27404-6 hard EUR 109.99

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著者・編者 Penlington, Neil,
シリーズ (Genders and Sexualities in History)
出版社 (Palgrave Macmillan, UK)
出版年 2023
ページ数 239 pp.
ニュース番号 <700-2105>

Starting after the Great War, this book charts the rise of the ritualistic engagement, the modern white wedding and the more widely available honeymoon holiday, to show changes and continuities in English masculinity by considering power relations between men and women. Through a close reading of a range of sources (including first-person testimonies, newspapers and etiquette manuals), power relations between bride and groom, and between different generations, are revealed in the context of social class and the rise of consumerism.